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Anonymous Asked: whats the name of the guy in the blue plaid shirt drawing on an easel?

The huh.

Anonymous Asked: I agree with you. And 90% of the "k-fashion" on tumblr is actually CHINESE fashion!

Lol I wouldn’t say 90% actually but there is definitely A LOT of Chinese fashion in kfashion blogs that people don’t realize. 


Anonymous Asked: how to be an official fzl?

There is no like a certificate or a certain thing you must possess to be one. If you dress like one and you walk down the streets people would go like “oh that is very fzl” 

ulzzshoo Asked: Hi i just want to tel u that u have post a 3 korean ulzzangs soo be careful who u post ^ -^

Hi, I know you have all the best intentions and I appreciate it. But let me use this as an excuse to make a statement.

I see all the korean fashion ulzzang blogs posting Chinese Net Idols with tags like “korean fashion” or “k style” or of the sort, indicating they’re Korean and nobody ever points it out because Chinese Net Idols are so underrated. Yet, because Korean Ulzzangs are so hyped, I always get similar messages like this. I just think it’s such a double standard. Just as how Korean Ulzzang blogs don’t recognize Chinese Net Idols, I don’t recognize all the Korean Ulzzangs, and when they show up in Chinese forums, I assume by default they’re Chinese, just as how everyone on tumblr who’s obsessed with korean fashion and korean ulzzangs by default assume every unknown “ulzzang” (an fashionable good looking Asian” as Korean Ulzzangs without question.

/end of rant.